Leasing is 100% financing
Equipment Leasing covers 100% of the equipment costs including service, software, installation and some maintenance costs.

Fast Approval Process
Equipment Leasing is fast and convenient. Generally, a one-page application is needed for smaller transactions and our approval time is usually 24 hours on these transactions. In order to make sure we are offering you the best products available and the best pricing, company and personal financial records are usually required on larger transactions. Our approval time on these is typically 1-2 days from our receipt of the necessary information.

Conserve your Cash
Equipment Leasing conserves your working capital for other uses such as marketing, inventory, etc which allows your business to generate more revenue.

Preserve Credit Lines
Equipment Leasing is not meant to replace traditional bank financing but to compliment it. Using Empire for your equipment keeps your bank lines open for other needs such as real estate, building expansion, etc.

Tax Benefits
Equipment Leasing can provide substantial tax advantages, in some cases allowing for 100% write-off of the monthly lease payment. Operating Leases are generally treated as 100% tax deductible paid from pre-tax earnings rather than after tax profits.
(Please consult your tax advisor)

Flexible Terms and Conditions
Unlike bank loans, equipment leasing allows flexible terms and conditions to meet your specific needs such as quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments and various lease-end options.

Off-Balance Sheet
Since an operating lease is not considered a liability or long-term debt, it does not appear on your balance sheet. This enhances your ability to receive other loans, can lower your bonding expenses and can help maintain certain debt-to-equity ratios to comply with debt covenants.

No Cash Down Payment
These types of financing may provide for 100% of the equipment purchase price plus any related expenses.

No Public Debt Created
Since the lease payments due under the contract are subject to annual appropriation, the obligation created by the Lease is not subject to constitutional or statutory debt limitations. Since public debt is not created, voter approval for a lease/purchase should not be required.

Matching Cost with Revenue
Payment obligations correspond more closely to the useful life of the asset(s) financed by the governmental user. A full cash purchase price charges one-year’s operating budget with the cost of an asset, which is typically in use for several years.

Shorter lead time to arrange financing, as the procedural aspects of traditional bond financing may be complicated by rigid constitutional requirements which serve capital project financing control, but are inflexible for asset acquisitions.

State Approved Contract
Empire can transact with the municipal entity usually by using the state drafted and approved lease agreement thereby eliminating time involved in revising lease agreements to satisfy public officials (District Attorney, City Manager, etc.)